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Leon from Rune Factory 4~

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i stopped playing rune factory 4 long enough to draw some rune factory 4

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So I bought a Nintendo 3DS XL on Black Friday and have been having a grand old time playing Rune Factory 4 into the wee hours of the morning XD; I’ve played all the previous Rune Factory games and I like the new features that they’ve added in 4. I don’t like that food items don’t stack though, that sucks ~_~

I usually choose to play the guy characters in most games but decided to go with the female character this time, and I’ve got my eye on marrying Arthur *_* (Honestly though I’m mostly just a workaholic and shit like marriage and having babies is the lowest priority!!!!!)

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time farming for monster drops so I can raise my forging levels… apparently I need some strong weapons and armor for the next dungeon ~_~;;; 

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hi did you announce the winner for your giveaway?

I didn’t announce them yet!! Sorry it took me so long to respond, I went to an anime convention this weekend and had nooooo internet for the whole time. I did choose and notify the winner! But I still need to ask if they’re alright with me tellin’ y’all who they are. ‘Cause, y’know, if they aren’t, I shouldn’t go off and say it without askin’.


RF4 children AU where all the characters are little cuties with yellow school hats

I like to imagine that Vishnal would be the line leader~

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Happy Family!!~<3

(finished this long time ago but hoho I was lazy to upload…)

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Wonderful waifu/husbando hairstyles

Ponytail | Pigtails | Sidetail
Short | Long | Forehead-showing

Comic below the fold

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welcome back! I missed you!

/)u(\ gosh, thanks! it’s good to be back. C:

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